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Dream Balloons has been in the Hot Air ballooning business for over a decade. Was first established in 2007 and licensed to operate hot air balloon safaris in Egypt. Later expanded operations in East Africa providing hospitality and tour safari services.
Dream Balloons was registered in Uganda in 2011 and fully licensed by relevant authorities to operate hot air balloons. Dream Balloons is the sole provider of Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

Dream Balloons is specialized in Hot Air Balloon Safaris, however we provide additional services such as Tours and Safaris, Car hire and Accommodation.

+ Dream Balloons: established in 2007 operating Hot Air Balloons in Egypt

+ Dream Balloons U: established in 2011 operating Safaris and hot air ballooning in Uganda

+ Dream is part of a group of companies operating other hospitality and trading activities in East Africa since 2009

Registered in Uganda in 2011 and Fully certified by the Ugandan Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) to operate Hot Air Balloons in Uganda.

Also certified by Uganda Wildlife Authorities (UWA), NEMA and UCC to operate within National parks.

Our pilots are certified and licensed by both the Egyptian and Ugandan Civil aviation authorities to operate in both countries.

Insured by French Insurer “La Reunion Aerienne” through “Reinsurance Insurance” in coordination with “Britam Insurance” under the IRA regulations of Uganda for all aviation and ground activities including:

+ 3rd party insurance covering passengers and property.

+ Insurance covering Pilot and crew.

+ Insurance covering the hot air balloon and equipment.

+ Ground insurance before take off and after landing.


Size of the Balloons

There are many shapes and sizes of balloons, most of them are the regular cone shaped balloons, or what is known as balloon shape. The size of the balloon is quantified with the amount of air the balloon can carry. The bigger the volume of air the more weight the balloon can hold and thus the higher number of passengers it can accommodate. There are many different sizes of balloons used for tour safaris, the common ones are:

– 100,000 cubic feet (small balloon) – 160,000 cubic feet (medium balloon) – 210,000 cubic feet (large balloon) – 360,000 cubic feet (extra-large balloon) – 500,000 cubic feet (group balloon)

Balloons in Uganda

Dream Balloon has started with a medium sized balloon that accommodates 8 passengers. This size is suitable as a starting point, for low season flights, private use, wedding proposals and honey-mooners,  and also suits safari groups which are usually in a group of 7 or 8.

The economy of the balloon is only served when at least 5-6 passengers are flying, however we are currently not restricting our flights with any minimum number of passengers.

With the increase of ballooning tourism, we plan to increase the number of balloons to include one balloon that carries 12 people, one balloon that carries 16 people, and one balloon that carries 2-4 people (for private flights).

Murchison Falls National Park Hot Air Balloon

The Balloon operating in Murchison Falls National Park is an Ultramagic type M-160 manufactured in Spain and registered with CAA under registration mark 5X-JBH. The Balloon carries 8 passengers and can fly up to 10,000 ft above sea level.

The Hot air balloon has an airworthiness certificate and is serviced after every flight and regularly maintained by a certified specialized hot air balloon Engineer as per manufacturer’s regulations and is inspected by CAA on regular basis.

The pilots operating the balloon are licensed by Egyptian and Ugandan civil aviation authorities and have experience of 1000+ hrs of flying. The ground crew was trained on ground operations by a specialized certified instructor.


bush breakfast



Enjoy the unique experience of flying in a hot air balloon with one of the  following options only available at Murchison Falls National Park:

  • Sunrise/Post sunrise hot air balloon safari with/without bush breakfast
  • Sunset hot air balloon safari
  • Short rides for large groups and students
bird-eye view


1- The hot air balloon can fly up to a height of 10,000 ft above sea level however for visibility we fly at tree top level to see the different animals in the park. The pilot then elevates to a maximum of 1000 ft (about 330m) above ground level which provides visibility a bird-eye view of the whole park, the Murchison Falls, or Lake Albert.

2- Sunrise and Sunsets are beautiful views from a higher level, this gives the opportunity for guests to witness a breathtaking moment.

3- Bush breakfast for Sunrise package offers the uniqueness of having a continental breakfast offered by Paraa Safari lodge professional chefs in the bush. The bush breakfast is secured with rangers provided by UWA.

4- Boat crossing from Southern bank to meeting point is free of charge. Vehicle transportation can be arranged at an additional cost.

5- In addition to using professional Pilots with 1000+ hrs of experience, Flight insurance fully secures and covers passengers, third parties, the balloon and the pilot.

6- The company, Balloon, pilots and crew are fully Licensed by Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority under the strict regulation of ICAW to operate Hot air balloons. We are also licensed by NEMA, and other general licensing and governing bodies.

7- Passengers are awarded with a participating certificate and occasionally souvenirs from the company depending on availability of stock.

The Sunrise program starts at 5:00 am

Guests staying at the northern end of the park are picked from Paraa entrance whereas guests staying at the southern side are transported by UWA speed boats to the northern bank where they are picked at the river crossing.

The guests are transported to the take off position, and enjoy taking photos as they watch the balloon inflation process. They are then briefed on safety regulations by the pilot and start flying around 6:00 am right before sunrise.

The Balloon ride lasts for about an hour after which the balloon lands and guests receive their participation certificates. On the way back a mini safari tour is provided depending on the landing position. The trip ends at about 8:00 am.

Guests enjoying the full package continue to the bush breakfast location prepared by the Paraa Safari lodge chef in the bush, the location is secured by UWA armed rangers. (the full package trip ends at about 9:30 am)

Guests are then transported back to their pick up location.

The Sunset program starts at 4:00 pm and ends at 6:30 pm (no bush dinner is provided)

Full Package


Hot Air Balloon Safari including Bush Breakfast
  • 45-60min balloon ride
  • Sunrise view
  • Bush breakfast
  • Passenger boat crossing for guests staying in the southern part of the park.
  • Note: price does NOT include vehicle transport.

Economy Package


Hot Air Balloon (without bush breakfast)
  • 45-60min balloon ride
  • Post sunrise view or Sunset view (depending on the weather conditions post sunrise)
  • Passenger boat crossing for guests staying in the southern part of the park.
  • Note: price does NOT include vehicle transport.

Citizens Package


Residents, Ugandans and East Africans citizens
  • 45-60min balloon ride
  • Post sunrise view or Sunset view (depending on the weather conditions post sunrise)
  • Passenger boat crossing for guests staying in the southern part of the park.
  • Note: price does NOT include vehicle transport.

Private Trips


Sole usage of balloon (Wedding proposals, Photo shoot sessions, VIP guests, etc..)
  • Please contact us for special group offers
  • Children between 6-12 pay 50% of adult price
  • Children below 6 years free (child must be able to stand without parent's assistance)
  • For advertising on the balloon envelop please contact management for rates

We accept several payment options:

1- Bank Transfer: Contact us for bank details

2- Mobile Money: Contact us for phone numbers

3- Pay Pall: use the below app for secure payments

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  • Contact us for special offers if you are a Tour operator or agent,  Hotel, University/School.
  • Special discounts for groups of 8 people and above.
  • 50 % off for children (6-12 years). Children below 6 years must be able to stand without assistance.
  • We run special promotions during public holidays and weekends


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